June 19, 2021

The Best Camera And Photography Gift Ideas For Dad


The best camera and photography gift ideas for dad

When your dad decides to take his photography game to a new level, a smartphone may no longer be enough. Some may want a sports camera to capture their adventures while others may need a mirrorless camera for better family photos, films or artistic shots. Thanks to the rapidly advancing technology, they keep getting better with faster shooting speeds, sharper video and incredible autofocus. We found five of the best models for budgets ranging from $ to $,, along with some accessories to complement the gear your old man already owns.

If your dad would rather star in his own sports adventures than watch them on TV, the Hero Black is the camera he needs. It bests the previous Hero black in a number of ways, particularly the addition of a front camera. That makes it a lot easier to frame yourself in the action for mountain biking, skating and other activities. GoPro also introduced -megapixel photos and K fps or K fps video, giving your dad more options for cropping, framing and slow-mo. Meanwhile, it has improved some popular tools like Hypersmooth ., while boosting battery life. Best off, it can be yours for $ with a one-year GoPro subscription — a discount of $ off the regular price without a subscription.

So your dad is taking up photography? An entry-level camera is a good way to start out, and the best one out there is Canon’s EOS M. With a -megapixel sensor and Canon’s skin-friendly colours, it delivers great photos. They’re also easy to capture thanks to an intuitive smartphone-like interface, fast autofocus speeds and great eye-detection performance. He’ll also be able to shoot K p video albeit with a . times crop, along with full-sensor p at fps. And it’s available for significantly less than most other mirrorless cameras at $, complete with an EF-M -mm kit lens.

Sony cameras generally make great gifts and the best value right now is the A. It features class-leading autofocus and eye-tracking performance for humans and animals, ensuring your sharp shots, even with fast-moving subjects. Sony has also improved the colour science and low-light capabilities, so family photos will be sharp and colour accurate, even in dimly lit environments. The drawbacks are a bad rolling shutter that can cause video wobble and a low-resolution electronic viewfinder. Still, for $ body, only the A is the best mirrorless camera in its price range.

Fujifilm’s X-T is the best crop-sensor camera on the market, making it a desirable gift for any lucky father. It’s notably improved over the X-T with the addition of in-body stabilization and a fully articulating screen. At the same time, it has the best video features for an APS-C camera, with sharp K video at up to fps, along with p at fps. Both photo and video quality are outstanding, with great skin tones second only to Canon’s models. But the autofocus, with tracking and eye-detection, is good but not quite up to Sony’s standards. And while the generous manual controls deliver great handling, it’s less compact than before. It’s not cheap at $,, but it can hold its own against far more expensive full-frame cameras.

For dads who can’t decide between photos and video, Canon’s EOS R does both things well. The -megapixel sensor lacks resolution compared to rivals, but it offers killer specs like in-body stabilization and Canon’s fast and accurate Dual Pixel autofocus for video and photos, along with sharp K video at up to fps. Other features include a flip-out display, relatively compact size and skin tones that will flatter your dad’s subjects you, possibly. It does suffer from overheating issues with video, but that’s only likely to affect pros who shoot for long stretches at a time. Overall, it’s currently our best pick for under $,.

Smartphone stabilizers are fine, but nothing tops a gimbal for tracking shots. The best deal out there for mobile devices is DJI’s OM, ideal for your dad if he’s tired of jerky tracking shots. While previous models used a clamp, this model rocks a magnetic mount system that makes attaching your phone faster and easier. It also adds new features like “dynamic zoom” and “spin shot” that will give your dad a new repertoire of moves. As with other DJI gimbals, it delivers smooth, reliable performance and has a solid app that’s easy to use. It’s also relatively affordable: You can grab one now with a grip and tripod for $.

With its rugged, practical design, Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger Bag is an ideal gift for adventurous or photo-shooting dads. It’s built with a lightweight yet durable -per cent waterproof recycled D shell with the ingenious Flexfold dividers in the main storage area. It also offers a pair of zipped pockets, two elastic side pockets and a compartment big enough for a - to-inch laptop. I own one myself and find it practical both for work and daily activities, letting me fit a camera, lens and laptop along with my wallet and keys. At $ it’s not the cheapest bag out there, but your dad won’t have to buy another for a good while.

For dads serious about video, the Magnus VT is the best budget tripod option. It’s stout enough to handle a mirrorless camera and accessories weighing up to. pounds, more than the eight-pound weight of the tripod itself. That lack of heft makes it practical for travel, while the fluid head helps you tilt and pan smoothly. Other features include a middle spreader to keep things steady and legs that extend up to inches so you can match the eye-line of your subjects. All of these features come for $, a relative steal considering the quality.

The most useful accessories out there for vlogging dads are Joby’s famous mini-tripods, and the best one for the money is the GorillaPod K. Attaching your camera couldn’t be easier thanks to the secure clip-in mounting plate with a built-in level. The flexible also let's let you set your camera anywhere to shoot, or even wrap it around a tree or other object. And, of course, you can bend them out for the ideal vlogging angle and steady out your shooting, to boot. It s $ at Amazon right now, a bargain for such a versatile tool.

Camera-loving dads can never get enough memory cards, but they can be a pretty pricey gift. One of the best budget options is SanDisk’s ExtremePro UHS-I SD cards. While they don’t offer the top MBs speeds of UHS-II cards, they’re far cheaper, and the MBs read-write speeds are fast enough for most types of photography and video. What’s more, you can transfer files at speeds up to MBs with a compatible reader, and SanDisk is known for producing reliable cards. SanDisk has models for all budgets, with the GB version in the sweet spot at just $. If that’s too much, the GB version is $ and the GB model a mere $.

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